Lead Manager Software which accelerate Your Business

Absolute Webtech Pvt.Ltd. is offering a Lead Manager software which is very user friendly, helpful in decision making, easy to deploy & easy to learn.
This software is able to manage your leads and customer relationship.

Benefits of the software are as follows:-

  1. CRM part helps you in identifying, tracking, and optimizing your sales contacts and opportunities.
  2. Easily manage your entire sales pipeline as its Sales Lead Manager part takes care of important activities and conversations so they won't get dropped.
  3. Software for Lead Management is exclusively designed and developed in a way so that you are able to keep eye on full sales cycle, from generation of lead to the conversion of thatlead into a sale. Thus it also works like a Lead Tracking System
  4. No Identical Training is needed to handle the software. It is easy to manage you can become handy just in a little span of time.
  5. It is adaptable to various types of service industries & other business sectors
  6. It also customizable as per the business needs at an economical cost
  7. It helps in follow up & nurture the potential leads & thus increases the sales.
  8. Secure and Increase Transperancy among the admin and other users.
  9. Save Your Time and thus provide you more time to give in the usefull places to increase your Productivity.
  10. Reduction in Data Redundancy.
  11. Pre-tested with Millions of Record.
  12. Can provide fast services to the clients.

Team behind Lead Management Software

Absolute Webtech Pvt.Ltd. is a leading software company which is started in the year 2009 with a sole motto to deliver Quality and assurance. With keeping this idea in mind they started offering their services to their clients and now they are stand among the Top Software developers which is having their branch offices in US and UAE having

  1. Team of experts with the knowledge of PHP, Java and Asp
  2. Long list of satisfied customers
  3. Delivered over number of softwares
  4. Years of experience in developing custom made software.

Features of Lead Management System

  1. Capture, nurture & conversion of leads.
  2. stage wise status of every lead
  3. Lead Filtration by the source & status of Leads.
  4. Master report (sales, Meetings, Revenue, Expenses, Debtors etc)-management can access all the reports from this master report.
  5. Lead Assignments & Reassignment
  6. Easily integrated with other software.
  7. Lead Transfer utility from one member to other.
  8. Utility of Import/export from Excel
  9. Lead activity reports
  10. Follow up feature with notification
  11. Notification for Lapsed Meetings/follow ups on the dashboard.
  12. Maintaining Client Accounts for payment purposes.
  13. Rights Assignment according to Hierarchy.
  14. Comes with features like receipts management & debtor’s management.

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